BACKYARD MORTUARY Lure of the Occult Review

Backyard Mortuary review at Zombie Ritual Zine

BACKYARD MORTUARY “Lure of the Occult”

Self Released

I’m quite impressed with this debut album coming from Sydney, Australia. This is truly a piece of morbid darkness full of rottenness, deadly guitar riffs and a deep knowledge of what death metal is. All tracks have personality and seems like these motherfuckers have black and crispy entrails, and enough bad blood as they created excellent lines in the vein of Florida’s golden years. And they know this business! Music recalls me early Incantation, the slow doomed breath of Autopsy, and the ominous atmospheres of Scream Bloody Gore album, if you know what I mean. The band added some velocity and sounds effective as well as poisonous. My favorite track is “Mutation” which is a fucking piece of heavy death metal, with different sections full of putrid stench, slow deadly vocals and memorable lines on guitars. Definitely, this is another of my discoveries of the year. I think they’ll be signed soon. Watch out!! – Victor Varas


Blood Harvest Records announced the release of 12″LP!!!

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