ALEA JACTA The Empire will fall Review

Alea Jacta review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ALEA JACTA “The Empire will fall”

Self Released

I think I saw this name somewhere in a Spanish magazine, in the past. They’ve been around since mid nineties and seems like they are old warriors. This is my first contact and I really liked this aggressive thrash/death metal rooted in the most violent side of Swedish style. Actually, they adopted this melodic style for this EP, as well as a new guitarist who did an excellent work at rhythm section btw. All tracks have great musical arrangements and definitely they know what they are doing and they know what they want. Also, production sounds pretty direct and raw, as they recorded the track in “live” mode, except guitars solos and vocals. I have to mention, they have solid touches of hard core, and the result is effective. As aforementioned, this band likes the direct sound and the EP is a proof. It’s recommended for those followers of aggressive thrash/ death metal and for those interested in what’s going on in Canarias Island’s metal scene. –Victor Varas

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