MACHINAGE It Make us hate Review

Machinage review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MACHINAGE “It Make us hate”

EBM Records

Before you start to complain because I only review thrash metal bands coming from Brazil, I’d defend myself by saying that they or the labels are the most interested to promote the material, and I always receive tons of material from there. This is another band practicing what seems to be a popular sport in Brazil, and they are really good. The band sounds with personality, full of musical resources, and musical arrangements. If I don’t mistake, these guys have experience by playing in other bands in the past and they know perfectly metal business since a long time ago. Well, the music is influenced by old thrash metal, but they definitely don’t sound “old school”, and they are looking for a more modern sound. In fact, they sound powerful and every guitar riff is solid as a fucking rock as they created good melodies. Vocalist doesn’t falls in childish mistakes and he manages furious midrange screams with no false pretentions. That’s the point: to play metal music from the heart and using your brain. I really liked this interesting debut album and I’d like to recommend it for those who are sick of the new wave of this genre, and those who are looking for young bands with fearless personality. – Victor Varas

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