CADAVERIC FUMES Macabre Exaltation Review

Cadaveric Fumes at Zombie Ritual Zine

CADAVERIC FUMES Macabre Exaltation 12″ LP

Blood Harvest

Holy Shit!! Now we are talking. These dudes come from French underground scene and they truly impressed me with this demo. Now is to be released in a 12” LP through Blood Harvest Records, btw. The music sounds rotten, direct and ominous, and very rooted in the early 90’s death metal coming from Scandinavian area, as well as American old school. If you ask me, I think they have great ideas behind all these solid guitar riffs and obscured lines. All tracks are full of darkness and emanate bizarre miasmas through a corrosive perspective of the genre. This piece of deadly metal is not predictable at all, and reminds me the time when Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Death, and many others ruled the world with insane sonic mutilations. In some tracks they included chaotic sections and complex lines which denote high skilled musicians. Also, the concept of “horror” and oppressive walls of sounds is very well driven, as all compositions have great instrumental arrangements. My favorite one is “Unspeakable Visions” which is homage to old death metal traditions, and is full of different sections coming from twisted minds. It’s a recommendation for those familiar with rottenness and solid death metal with personality. I can’t wait for a debut album. – Victor Varas


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