SOLOTHUS Summoned from the Void Review

Solothus review at Zopmbie Ritual Zine

SOLOTHUS “Summoned from the Void”

Memento Mori

Holy Shit! This is so fucking deep, sinister, doomed and cadaveric like the basement of hell, and it stink putrefaction from miles away. Coming from Finland, these corrosive dudes created an excellent debut album full of putrid guitar riffs, painful structures and deep growls like occult beast. Actually, all tracks deliver a very noticeable dark miasma deeply rooted on doom metal. I mean, this is dark and pestilent as Devil’s anus. Also, all tracks have a heavy charge of metallic feeling, I mean, slow and oppressive doom metal perfectly well conceived in the grave. My favorite one is “Magus of Doom”, which is a long piece of darkness and blood, and denotes exquisite taste of the most deadly and poisonous side of the genre. This is death metal made for corpses. Also, the track has great guitar solos forged in metallic spirit, summoned into black fires, and this adds personality to the composition. This is a great debut album you don’t want to miss if you are into catatonic sounds, painful pleasures and dark destructive guitar riffs. – Victor Varas

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