MALFEITOR’s Dum Morior Orior LP to be released via Chaos Records

Malfeitor dum morior orior lp cover

Release Date: 07/25/2013

Malfeitor is a 3-piece band consisting of veterans from death metal genre. Their beginnings are rooted in early 90s when the band played some gigs, but didn’t release any official demos. Moberg and Perkkila have met again in 2007 as part of Blood Mortized with Mattias Borgh (Crypt do Kerberos , Embrio , Arcana) and Anders Biazzi ( Amon Amarth ,Pathalog, Scum) in line-up and soon released very well-received self-titled debut. In 2010 Moberg decided to reincarnate Malfeitor with Perkkila on vocals and multiinstrumentalist Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll on drums (Excruciate, Mastication, Morpheus, Exhumed , Egypt).

This is death metal that has nothing to do with melodies and screamy vocals. This is the stuff for all us die hard death metal fans.” Anders Ekdahl (BATTLE HELM MAGAZINE)

The debut album of Swedes MALFEITOR comes more than 20 years after their formation…for the mere mortal beings, that time seems eternal…but for the followers of the cult of death, as revenge, time is just another step towards damnation and the inevitable end…so the debut album, is unleashed as if time was frozen in a land where the breath of the wolf is the law…brutal death metal in the finest Swedish tradition, with massive guitar attacks, cavernous vocals from the fiery pits of hell, and the lyrics that upon lecture will turn horror into the feeble-minded is what are found in 11 anthems to all that is depraved, grotesque and of course dead. The aura of horror packed within, recalls those glorious days of decaying demo tapes where every note makes your heart pulse at a higher rate and increase the anger towards this curse called mankind…let the corpses start to roll. Another skull-trophy of great cruel and horrific death metal!”


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