KRÖWNN Hyborian Age Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Krownn Hyborian Age review at Zombie Ritual Zine

KRÖWNN “Hyborian Age”

PRC Music

Well, I’m really satisfied with this release coming from Italy’s underground scene. This is doom rock/metal in its purest essence, with no false pretentions, a bad ass attitude and huge influences from 70’s rock. Of course we can name Black Sabbath, and a large list of NWOBHM bands, but seems like these guys are looking for own personality, keeping in mind that there is a revival (annoying) in these days. Did I mention it’s a trio? Well, and what is more: the band is two beautiful girls and an ugly caveman (hehehe! I’m joking). I know this data should be inconsequential, and I must shut the fuck, but in this case sounds like is important because the band has truly powerful songs, better than some “true” doom bands out there, and the recording sounds organic and direct, so they must be excellent on live shows. If you ask me, this is a quite unusual line up for a band anyway. My favorite one is “Stormborn” which is and instrumental sonic journey forged in heavy guitar lines, twisted atmospheres and a solid sense of improvisation. All instruments did a great job and sound quite effective at every section. This is supposed to be a demo, and since now I can’t wait for the debut album which is to be released by PRC Music. I don’t mind if I’m invited to rehearsal room to see these beauties in action, as seems like they have high musical skills. Oh yeah! And Michelle the front man is also very good, and he did excellent guitar arragements through the whole album. Check them out and hope to see the name in the future. – Victor Varas.

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