NIGHTGLOW We Rise Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Nightglow review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Logic(il)logic Records

Well, this is my first contact with the band, and I must say they did an excellent work in debut album. Music is rooted in solid heavy metal and mostly characteristic by strong melodies, powerful vocals (somehow Daniele reminds me Peavey W. from Rage), and tons of musical resources. It seems like this band is going for a melodic style combining hard elements like thrash metal, progressive metal and even power metal, like in track “Shine of Life”. Indeed, they have very good songs, forged in the most melodic and powerful side of the genre. My favorite is “Dreamland”, which is a piece of solid heavy metal with good lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, excellent solos, and destroying choruses. It’s a perfect song for live shows. Of course, the band sounds more in a modern style, and sometimes gets into commercial styles, but everything is on its place and they don’t fall in childish mistakes. I’m sure they will be hitting bigger stages soon. – Victor Varas

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