RAXAS Instinto Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Raxas cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

RAXAS “Instinto”

SeXa Records

I can’t remember when was the last time I saw this band on live stage, but I must say that in the past I really used to enjoy their hits like “Esclavos Eternos”, “Corazas de Fuego”,”Libertad”, etc. It seems like this long-standing Mexican band just needed an injection of new blood, and the album is a proof that they still alive. This new release has a modern sound and seems to be produced for a more massive audience, although “Bola” Garibay and Cia. can’t deny his old and rusted roots on classic heavy metal. Did I mention he is handling vocals duties? He is not bad at all, and he really has a quite particular tessitura in the throat. All songs have intense guitar riffs and excellent melodic lines, also the musical arrangements in all instruments sounds really professional. It’s not the original line up, but “Bola” really reunited a great team and the result is awesome. My favorite song is the ballad “Luna de Abril” which recalls me an old song called “Flor de Asfalto”, a very touchy and warm song from the past. As aforementioned, all songs have deep roots in the most classic and aggressive side of the genre, but the band focused in a very modern production sound. Extra info, you can find a promotional video in Youtube from the song “Después de esta noche” (The Night After). It’s a great return for this metal legend. – Victor Varas


3 responses to “RAXAS Instinto Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

  1. I’ve seen them live once, sightseeing Mexico city me and some friends found this bar, (Don’t remember place’s name), they we’re playing so hard. I really like their music. I remember the guitar player jumped of the scenario and started to walk all over the place while he was playing his part. Great show, Great band. Hope to see their show again.


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