MYSTIC CHARM Shadows of the Unknown review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Mystic Charm review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MYSTIC CHARM “Shadows of the Unknown”

Memento Mori

This is another European jewel rescued from the abyss of time. Seems like the band released only a couple of demos and one full length album and after that, they split. If you are familiar with obscured death metal coming from Netherlands in the 90s you will worship this piece of slow and deadly metal, full of poisonous lines, low tuned guitars and excellent growls. I liked the way they composed basic guitar riffs on furious bases. Also, they painted necrotic atmospheres with a wall of keyboards here and there. Did I mention it’s a female vocalist?  Well, Rini Lipman did an awesome work back in those days and it truly transmits a high level of venomous lines drowned in putrid atrocity. This album stands in the large line of great death metal bands from that country and it truly deserves to be checked by morbid collectors of the genre. You will not be disappointed! This edition also features “Endless Sickness” demo (1992) which is another jewel itself. As extra info, Rini Lipman participated in Infernorama’s album, from guitarist Manny van Oosten who died a couple years ago. – Victor Varas

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