THUNDER RISING Album Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Thunder Rising review at Zombie Ritual Zine



I know many of you motherfuckers who still shit in your pants with the name Malmsteen. Well, if you remember album “Trilogy”, yes, this is the man behind the microphone. Also, as founder of band Ring of Fire he gained great reputation in the metal progressive genre. Seems like this new band also reunites great musicians like Frank Caruso and Andy Ringoly, but I don’t know a shit about them, if you ask me. Whatever, the band walks in the hard rock / heavy metal genre, with all the “AOR” sounds and attitude. And it truly sounds good, with tons of dynamic melodies, excellent guitar solos and professional musical arrangements. As the genre demands, the album also includes a touchy and lovely ballad which is something I really hate. You know, generic musical structures, tender lyrics… well, what do you expect from a song called “An Angel Cries”? Wait. The rest of the album is ballads! Shit. This is too much honey for me. I totally respect the genre, but I try to stay away. The first section of the album still sounds good to me. – Victor Varas

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