VIETCONG PORNSÜRFERS We Spread Diseases review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Vietcong Pornsurfers review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Dangerous Rock Records

According to the info sheet, this album was recorded with entire band alive, neither extra layers nor polished arrangements were added. The intention of capturing the real sound of the band was clear and I think they got it. This is pure punk rock n’ roll, based in the sound of middle of 80’s traditional like Danzig, Billy Idol, Iggy Pop and in the other side, huge influences of Motörhead. The band has great compositions and seems like they have a lot of fun on the stage. Tracks like Dead Track are true cool pieces of fresh punk rock n roll and solid guitar riffs. I really enjoyed the music when driving home, or working in front the screen. Actually, the band knows how to put the accurate guitar riff and the correct melody line on the song, just enough to make your head move unwittingly and without false pretentions. My favorite track is I hate your band which is the first single for commercial purposes. It really sounds great, and is based on pure, fast, sticky and loud rock n’ roll. Of course, this is one of my discoveries of the year and I recommend it extensively. If you are fan of the bands above mentioned, you will not be disappointed at all, really. – Victor Varas

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