DECAYING The Last Days of War Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Decaying cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

DECAYING “The Last Days of War”

Hellthrasher Prods

Well, well, this is my first contact with these motherfuckers from Finland and I have to say that they impressed me with all the corrosive guitar riffs forged in the most brutal and gloomy death metal vein of early Asphyx, Morgoth, etc.  Actually, they combine the European old school with touches of brutality and explosive sections. I really liked the band because inside the rotten compositions, they sound melodic and quite epic, to say something. They really know how to use excellent doomed guitar lines into melody, but they don’t sound plastic. They definitely found the point where a single line will touch deep your brain. Another aspect to underline is they added a hidden touch of modernity, which sounds good to me and it doesn’t crush with all painful atmospheres and full of symptomatic thrash metal rhythms. My favorite track is “Firestorm” which is divided in various apocalyptic sections and it features two excellent guitar solos. Excellent work from Matias and Henri! As aforementioned, I’m impressed with the third album of these maniacs and I definitely recommend it for all those followers of good Nordic death metal, out there in the Globe. – Victor Varas

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