Fire Strike pic at Zombie Ritual Zine

Brasilian FIRE STRIKE started in 2004 under the name HOLE OF HELL with the only aim to play traditional & old-school heavy-metal influenced by the likes of bands like GRIM REAPER, SAXON,IRON MAIDEN, ANGEL WITCH to name a few. Under the name HOLE OF HELL, the band released a self titled demo, which helped them to gain more experience in the studio as well as in the song-writings… One year later, the band finally changed its name to FIRE STRIKE, went thru numerous line-up changes but also played a lot of gigs.

It is in 2010 that the band welcomed Aline Nunes as female vocalist to the band, which brought thanks to her singing style – a very personal touch to the band music. Current line-up is Aline Nunes (Vocals), Helywild and Henrique Shuindt (Guitars) Edivan (Bass) and Jean Praelii (Drums).

Fire Strike cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

It is under this line-up that the band recorded the “Lion & Tiger” EP that is now available & we have no doubt this would please all fans of traditional heavy-metal! Throughout the songs of this release, the band already shows a great potential & we have no doubt this will be a band to follow!

Lion & Tiger” features 5 songs which are “Nightfever”, “Streets of Fire”, “True as a Dream”, “Master of the seas” and the title track “Lion and Tiger”.

The band shared the stage may times and with many acts, local, national & international, like Harppia, Hellish War, Salario Minimo, Antharez, Comando Nuclear, Skull Fist…

They have started the fire with that pretty amazing release – they’re waiting for your response now!!!

Info via Infernö Records

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