RANDOMORDER The Forbidden Knowledge Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Randomorder review at Zombie Ritual Zine

RANDOMORDER “The Forbidden Knowledge”

EBM Records

Before you say that the new wave of trendy thrash metal bands is kicking your balls to death, you should listen to new talented bands, specially coming from Australian lands. This is an excellent example of a band who is looking for own personality by creating solid guitar riffs with the most poisonous and metallic essence. If you ask me, this debut album sounds pretty matured and with high skills. Everything is tied by a style based in 80’s thrash metal sound coming from America, like in track “Dark Science“, but these gang tried to add effective elements of aggressive spirit and a reloaded weight of technical stuff. The result sounds very good and you will feel hot blood running through your veins at the end. Actually, the whole album has good references to old thrash metal music, but as aforementioned, the musicians know what they are doing and also they are looking for own self-influenced style. My favorite track is “Exiled” which is a brave demonstration of aggressive guitar riffs, different sections and a true sonic nightmare in the loudest sense of music. This is another hit point for EBM Records you don’t want to miss, really!! – Victor Varas


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