BATTATROX Unleash the Destruction Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

PortadaBattatrox at Zombie Ritual Zine

BATTATROX “Unleash the Destruction”

Self Released

Under this unusual name, there is a very young and powerful band making an excellent thrash metal demo. If you ask me, they seem to be quite influenced by American bands like Nuclear Assault, Whiplash, (early) Megadeth, or even Sepultura (Beneath the Remains album). I liked a lot this demo because these motherfuckers know what they want and they know that is hard to stay away from a saturated genre these days. However, they did a huge effort and they did it well. The demo contains five tracks (plus a song cover version) full of violent riffs and corrosive structures, which are to blow your mind. All the shit sounds crude and direct like a kick in your balls, and they dared to add some sprinkles of “crossover” choruses which fit excellent in there. All instruments are played so fucking savage and it almost sound primitive, but it’s clear that they wanted in their minds. Also, they created excellent guitar riffs like “Intentions of Agression” or “Senseless Violence”, which are based on pure holocaustic vibes. Of course, there are many things to work, but definitely the band is on the right road. Keep an eye on these kids, I’m sure that they’ll be on bigger cartels in the future. As extra info, this demo has a cover version of “Ordered to thrash”, from Brazilian bastards Violator. – Victor Varas

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