SARKRISTA The Acheronian Worship Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Sarkrista cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

SARKRISTA “The Acheronian Worship”

Misanthropic Art Productions

I’m really impressed with this debut album. Coming from Hamburg Germany, these guys seem to be very involved in the genre since many years ago because they have a quite particular point of view of 90’s black metal sounds. This is creepy music as hell, and it really stands on poisonous guitar riffs, burning structures, and bewitched vocals. The most important aspect here is that every track has sinister personality and they don’t even abused on velocity or pompous elements. All tracks are organic, crude and blasphemous. If you ask me, all sounds basic and direct to the bone. Also, they dare to add some “epic” elements in main guitars. My favorite masterpiece is “Messenger of Harm” which is divided in three excellent sections full of darkness, corrosive guitar riffs and occultist miasmas. It’s a recommended album if you are looking for black metal bands with personality and not copycats of Nordic bands. – Victor Varas

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