METAL RAIGN Diary of the Night Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Metal Raign cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

METAL RAIGN “Diary of the Night”

Metal Target Records

This is the heavy metal band where brothers Hoffman from Gummo Maniacs played before getting into that band. As a debut album sounds incredible, with excellent arrangements and astonishing production. Actually, the music is forged in the most solid spirit of German Power metal with aggressive guitar riffs, touches of thrash metal (just listen to middle section of track “Reckoning”) and modern sounds. I liked the album because is melodic and has corrosive guitars at the same time, and this shows musical skills of all instruments. I would say that this album brings the technical side of these guys, and it is not bad at all. Guitar solos are extremely clean and complex, making a trade mark for the band. Vocals are not into high pitched style, as Robert did a very melodic work. It seems like he is not going to force anything and he prefers soft melodies instead to leave traces of throat in the microphone. Also, sometimes the band reminds me that Power metal with modern sounds has interesting stuff to offer. This is a recommendation for those followers of Gummo Maniacs, and for those who are curious about the item.  – Victor Varas

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