VICOLO INFERNO Hourglass review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ICOLO INFERNO cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine


logic(il)logic Records

And there is another excellent debut album coming from Italy, and this time we are talking about heavy metal. Actually, this gang also move themselves into territory of hard rock and melodic stuff, so I would say that it is quite difficult to build something original in these terms nowadays.  It seems like they have musical skills, as everything is solid, powerful and professional. Also, they included interesting arrangements at every instrument and very corner sounds like a consolidated band. All songs have sticky melodies under strong rhythms, and the result sounds great. If you ask me, they composed some songs for commercial radio, which is not bad at all because the band stands in solid rock, and they have huge musical resources. My favorite song is “Lipstick” which curiously is one of the most melodic and “commercial” of the album. This is recommended for long travels on the highway, and for those lovers of AOR and hard rock forged in its purest essence. – Victor Varas

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