THE FORCE Nations Under Attack Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

The Force cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

THE FORCE “Nations Under Attack”

Kill Again Records

This is an excellent piece of thrash metal coming from Paraguay, though it was released in 2011, I’ll review it now. You can say that the genre is been over saturated since some years, and every fucking band is recycling riffs and shit, and I would say that I don’t fucking care. These guys have everything: good songs, good technique, spectacular guitarists and real attitude. The album comes with eight tracks full of aggressive guitar riffs in the vein of old Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Heathen, etc. Seems like the musicians know where is the genre standing nowadays and they definitely wanted to make the right thing. I don’t think they sound very original, but what they recorded sounds really great and extremely well produced, and this really will make you move your head unwittingly. As aforementioned, Mike Martinez and Carlos Carvallo did an excellent work at guitars; they created dynamic arrangements, incredible guitar soloing, and everything is tied with great tempo changes and ultra aggressive riffs. Also, I liked the style of Mike Martinez at vocals, because he sounds solid and destroyer. My favorite track is “Stampede of a thousand Stallions” which is an instrumental track very influenced by traditional heavy metal. Really, these guys know what they’re doing. It’s a recommended album, as usual in this label. – Victor Varas

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