BADMOTORFINGER It’s not the End Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

admotorfinger its not the end at Zombie Ritual Zine

BADMOTORFINGER “It’s not the End”

logic(il)logic Records

I have different feelings about this album. I really liked the music because everything is forged in the most solid and respectable hard rock/heavy metal, for those who like to sweet the balls or pussy on a motorcycle all day. You know, these high octane guitar riffs with attitude and testosterone, oil and fire. Tracks like the opener “The Fear” or “Beginning of the End” truly have spirit of heavy metal, and you will rise your fist immediately when you hear those sticky choruses. Also, vocalist is another important aspect for the album, because he knows how to use a powerful voice by creating great lines without false pretentions. My favorite track is “Rock n’ Roll” which is a perfect example of the genre with punkish vibes ala Motörhead, vertiginous rhythms, and excellent guitar arrangements.   In the other hand, I think that 13 tracks of lineal music is a little too much for a debut album, although every track is different from each other. I didn’t make it to the track 9, the first time I heard the CD. Second time became better. Anyway, believe me, this is a very interesting heavy metal band coming from Italy for fans of the genre. – Victor Varas

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