ESHTADUR Stay Away from Evil and Get Close to Me Review

ESHTADUR Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me

ESHTADUR “Stay Away from Evil and Get Close to Me”

Gate of Horror Productions

This Colombian band recorded an interesting second album full of melodic guitar riffs and dynamic structures. The major reference is the death metal genre forged in Nordic area in the 90’s, you know the entire constellation and sons of At the Gates, Dark Tranquility, etc. This is the kind of albums that makes clear the high quality of metal musicians in South America. Maybe they are too much influenced by both bands above mentioned and sometimes they sound quite similar, but definitely they have high musical skills and everything is tied by an organic tasty charge of aggression which is something the genre must have. In some tracks they included some keyboard sections which added some modernity to the sound. I don’t know if this was a good decision but I’d prefer music a little more crude and direct to the bone. Anyway, this band has interesting tracks and they really sound quite professional at the genre. I think they’ll hit bigger stages sooner or later. – Victor Varas

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