LUCIFERICON The Occult Waters 12’ MLP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Lucifericon cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

LUCIFERICON “The Occult Waters” 12’ MLP

Blood Harvest

I didn’t get much information about this dark beast from Netherlands. It seems like the musicians involved have been into black/death metal music since a long time ago, and they have the corrosive touch for this simplistic, solid and satanic MLP. I really liked the way they created melodic lines in specific moments, but they also included excellent sections forged in cathartic vibes and explosive guitar riffs. If you ask me, they sound totally immersed in European black/death metal, and of course they are looking for personality by giving another perspective to ominous lines and torturous sections. Also, I noticed a very old school in tracks like “Azazel’s Torch” which has slayerean breath. “Moon over fading Statues” is the master piece of the album. It’s a great track forged in obscurity, doom elements and cold feelings. After an acoustic intro, the track delivers excellent guitar lines and the epic sense is smelled everywhere. Middle section is notorious as it brings really inspired guitar riffs into oppressive notes and luciferian vibes. This track takes you to a trip into the dark side of unconsciousness, and breaks your mind like an open book. A very recomended five tracks opus I have here if you are curious about whats going on in dutch underground scene. – Victor Varas

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