MARWOLAETH Demo 12 Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Marwolaeth cover at Zombie Ritual Zine


Self Released

What a piece of ominous, rancid and straight to the bone, death metal I have here!! Coming from Pakistan, this one man band really created a sludge entity full of corrosive guitar riffs and sick sections. The demo delivers only two songs and both are enough to show that Sheraz Ahmed is totally immersed in the old school sound, forged in pain and blood by bands like Asphyx, old Morgoth, Achrosticon, etc. No weak melodies here, this is pure destructive lines and apocalyptic atmospheres into brilliant lines. Highlights go for second track called “Death live on…” which has a very interesting solo. I can’t say that the sound comes from a guitar, and if it does, the effect he used is homage to ancient sounds coming from that place of the world. This is another of my discoveries of the year and I can’t wait for the Split production with Symptom. This will be excellent!! – Victor Varas

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