ATOMIC HEAD March of the Urban Zombies Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Atomic Head cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

ATOMIC HEAD “March of the Urban Zombies”

DigMetalWorld Distro

After a demo and a discrete EP, these Chileans released this debut album and it truly sounds dirty as hell. As you see the cover art and the logo, you will notice that we are talking about a thrash metal band. Specifically, a Bay Area thrash metal band, with tons of influences from those old days. If you ask me, this album definitely doesn’t surprise me, although I have to mention that is a quite good production. All tracks have excellent guitar arrangements and seems like all musicians are experimented people doing the right thing. Also, is very noticeable the influence from Overkill and Exodus, inclusive vocalist Sebastián Galindo sings some specific sections very similar to those aforementioned. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old and my ears are getting more and more hairy, but this sound has been copied thousands of times and no matter how professional you are, you have to look for an own personality if you want to spotlight a thrash metal band these days. My favorite track is “The Punishment” which has the essence of old and ugly thrash metal vibes. It’s a recommended album for those who are into the new wave of good bands coming from Latin-American southern side. – Victor Varas

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