LECTAMYNOL Tools To Wield The Apes Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

LECTAMYNOL Tools To Wield The Apes cover art

LECTAMYNOL “Tools To Wield The Apes”


Despite a name that sounds like medicine tablets, these Belgian demons released a very interesting and chaotic debut EP. It seems like they like twisted lines and visceral sections throughout the compositions. Actually, all tracks sound visceral, violent and forged in chaos. For moments the band transmits raw improvisation full of distortion, and energetic guitar riffs. Also, it called my attention the way they included dissonant structures blended with absurd lines. The band transmits high levels of rottenness and corrosive mist, and I find it quite original because in specific moment’s music structures don’t let you know where you are standing on. It’s a very twisted, crude and experimental band of distinct black metal. I will hear again this promo in the future, just to grasp again the music. I swear on Satan. – Victor Varas


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