TOMBSTONERS Dissolution of Astral Order Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Tombstoners cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

TOMBSTONERS “Dissolution of Astral Order”

Self Released

I’m very impressed with these guys playing the most rotten and ugly side of death metal. It seems like they’ve been active since 2005 and after a promo demo, they released this piece of rancid and corrosive metal of dead. All tracks are based in solid guitar riffs, and everyone has a particular perspective of the Swedish death metal sound.  I really liked the ultra low tuned guitars as well as the aggressive structures, and I must say that everything is tied by a punkish atmosphere: this is the principal aspect for a real sound. This is obscured death metal and it doesn’t have any trace of forced wannabies. Vocals are extremely brutal, and the influence of throats like Van Drunnen, Greenway, Grewe, Rahmer, etc, is more than evident. These are four tracks full of destructive guitar riffs into the most atrocious tradition. It’s recommended to old skulls full of maggots that are still looking for new promises from the underground scene. The EP includes sticker, pin, & mini-poster. – Victor Varas

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