Jolly Roger Records announces new releases for 5th Anniversary!

New releases from Rolly Rogers Records

Jolly Roger Records celebrates first 5 years of activity releasing a 12″ split vinyl between cult-doom band L’Impero delle Ombre and classic heavy metal band Bud Tribe, same bands which opened label’s discography with 7″ split vinyl “Dr. Franky / Star Rider” in 2008.

L’impero delle ombre side will contain one unreleased track titled “Corvi Neri“, unreleased alterative version of “Divoratori della Notte” and “Dr. Franky“.

Bud Tribe side will contain “Warrior Creed” and “Rule the Lightning” (both as cd bonus tracks from “Eye of the Storm” album) and “Star Rider“.

Limited to 250 copies, first 100 copies in red vinyl.

Another release is the vinyl edition of “Demon Woman” from italian cult doom-heavy band Sacrilege  (post-Black Hole and pre-Epitaph featuring Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari), which will contain 5 tracks from 1986 demo-tape, completely remastered and an 8 page-insert. First 100 copies in purple vinyl.

This release is produced in collaboration with Andromeda Relix.

Both albums will be out in November 2013.

For infos and preorders : jolly_roger_records(at)

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