MAXXXWELL CARLISLE Full Metal Thunder EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Maxxxwell Carlisle Cover Art


Power Dungeon

I’m quite impressed with this EP. At this point I have to say that the first time I heard the promo, it didn’t called my attention at all, and I passed to the next one. This is my second hearing, and now I’m enjoying a lot the high quality heavy metal forged in solid guitar riffs and pure iron attitude. Actually, everything is tied by a strong influence of NWOBHM sound, and before you say this is a childish fashion band, I’ll vomit your fucking face and say: this is not! These guys have personality as they know how to transmit good music in iron beats. Think of Manilla Road, Satan, as well as Judas Priest, Loudness, etc. Also, it seems like main composer Max is like a growing guitar hero that have good taste for soloing, shredding, etc, and he will not do any boring-long tail-full of exercises guitar solo on his work. This is a great EP full of energetic heavy metal for old skulls mother fuckers. That’s it. – Victor Varas

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