BLACK OVERDRIVE Demo Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Black Overdrive cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine


Peyoyo Records

This an interesting demo from Mexico City. Four motherfuckers playing the most obscured and doomed side of rock, and of course making homage to Black Sabbath’s legacy. It seems like most of them are old metal warriors and all have experience in music business, as all tracks are composed based in solid structures and great guitar riffs. Also, they move from punkish side (track “Getaway”) to a doomed rock side (tracks”Doomination” and “Misery Mountain”) and they always keep this sabbathian breath on every note. Also, they have the good taste to include mid-pace sections which sound heavy like balls of granite. The band has great moments like mid section of “War weather worshiper” and shows that even a doom rock band should have explosive guitar riffs. As aforementioned, this band features old warriors of Mexican scene, like Ivan Nieblas (El Diablo), Rene Villanueva (Mitika, Mara…), JC Pintor, and Angel Castillo. As far as I know, they are next to release a debut album. You should keep an eye on them. – Victor Varas

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