BUKOWSKI FAMILY Umpleasantries Abundant EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

BUKOWSKI FAMILY Unpleasantries Abundant EP at Zombie Ritual Zine

BUKOWSKI FAMILY “Umpleasantries Abundant” EP

Artifical God Productions

Some months ago I reviewed an old EP from these crazy Hungarians and I remember they really leaved a good taste in the mouth. This is the new release and as I can see, they don’t like much long releases. Again, I find a very aggressive and solid death metal full of low tuned riffs and tenebrous melodies. Actually, I hear the sound of the band more consolidated as well as composition is based in horror concept and tenebrous stuff. They are quite influenced by brutal death metal, but I think they are still looking for a particular atmosphere. If you ask me, they composed an excellent track “Fountain of Woe”, which is a mid-pace melodic death metal fed by sinister lines and obscured atmospheres in the backyard. This is one of those tracks that catch the essence of pure death and rotten flesh. As aforementioned, this band is looking for an own sound and they are composing very interesting things. It’s recommended for those lovers of twisted bands. – Victor Varas


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