DENIAL OF GOD Death and the Beyond Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

enial of God Death and the Beyond cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

DENIAL OF GOD “Death and the Beyond”

Hellsheadbangers Recs

What a piece of darkness I have here!! After many years of silence, this black entity from Denmark recorded an excellent album full of dark atmospheres and misty vibes. I don’t think they are interested in transform a solid style developed through the years into a modern sound. Absolutely not, the music has an obscured aura which is a mark for the band since 1991. Also, I found a breath of solitude into some melodic lines and this is something that gives personality. The band knows what they are doing and where they are standing, so, they don’t have to demonstrate anything to nobody. They simply transformed old dark feelings into aggressive guitars and deadly sections. If you ask me, this is one of those bands that have a particular perspective about black metal music, and their influence comes more from horror, darkness and sinister stuff. My favorite track is the last one “Pendulum Swings”, which is a tenebrous piece of darkness and mist colored by blood and corrosive vibes. This is a 15 min song, and is divided in different sections. I have to admit that the track takes you into a mental journey across your painful memories, and your darkest side of unconscious. After all, this is a great return for a distinctive black metal band from Denmark, a place that produces excellent black entities. – Victor Varas

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