ABSINTHIUM One for the Road Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ABSINTHIUM One For The Road cover art

ABSINTHIUM “One for the Road”

Punishment 18 Records

Well, what I have here is an interesting debut album coming from Italy’s underground scene. These guys forged a quite distinct heavy/power metal album, and it has strong influences from progressive elements; even from thrash metal vibes. The result sounds good and very professional because they managed guitar arrangements and blasting sections. It seems like this is an album that stands in both worlds: academic one and organic one (to say something). If you ask me, Dario Nuzzolo who is the main creator, has a particular perspective for aggressive music, and he perfectly combines melodic stuff and complexity. Also, all guitar solos are remarkable, without falling into arrogant pretentions. Another aspect to underline is the vocals work of Fabio Dos Santos De Castilho, a Brazilian guy with a high pitched voice. He has to work a little more on the power of his throat so that you can feel the warm iron running inside your veins. I think that the band is going through a great journey and they are doing the right things. Soon I’ll be reading more news about them if they keep the flame alive. This is just a matter of dedication. – Victor Varas



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