PRIMEVAL MASS Blood Breathing Idols Review

Primeval mass album cover

PRIMEVAL MASS “Blood Breathing Idols”

Katoptron IX Recs

It’s another black metal entity coming from Greece and they really transmit a hellish stench of odium. According to the bio, the band started 13 years ago and they’ve released some EPs and Demos to these years. This is not trendy-melodic black war metal, this is pure aggression and poisonous atmospheres based in corrosive guitar riffs. All tracks have interesting structures and acoustic passages; also, the work of guitars is remarkable because they do dissonant arrangements through bizarre atmospheres. No doubt, main composer Orth is quite familiar with ancient sounds from the abyss; I mean Greek abyss, and he combines all the bad reputation with extremely complex guitar lines. The result is chaotic and deadly, as you can feel the illness running through your veins. My favorite track is “Cenotaph” which is an orgy full of blood, twisted feelings and amazing guitar arrangements. As aforementioned, all tracks are chaotic and they have good taste for violence made music. This is pure devastation forged into the black flames of occultism! – Victor Varas

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