THIS IS HELL Sangre y Dominio Review

This is hell cover art

THIS IS HELL “Sangre y Dominio”

Self Released

Thanks to drummer Alfred I have this CD. It’s another interesting death metal gang coming from Mexican underground scene.  They based their putrid sound in Stockholm’s old school, but added some sprinkles of hard core aggression. Also, lyrics are in Spanish and this gives a particular perspective and personality to the band. I really liked the sound of guitars, them sound corrosive and extremely ferocious. Before this band I saw Alex Ruxxo many times playing bass guitar in different acts like Foeticide, Sabachthani, and I’m quite impressed with his work on this album. All tracks are around rhythm guitars and it lacks of solos. If you ask me, this doesn’t affects anything because the music sounds solid, aggressive and in some specific points, brutal. Another aspect to underline is the ultra chaotic vocals, which sound completely destructive and full of rage. Also, I liked the reverb effect they added in post production because it recalls me old death metal bands in middle of 90’s. As aforementioned, this is a very particular death metal band coming from Mexican underground scene. They deserve to be heard, give them a chance and you will not be disappointed at all.- Victor Varas

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