NECROMESSIAH The Last Hope of Humanity Review

Necromessiah Cover art

NECROMESSIAH “The Last Hope of Humanity”

Punishment 18 Records

Aaaaargh! This is pure fucking Armageddon made sound from the first note!! Yep, as soon as I pushed the button, the speakers started to kick hard and louder as hell. Coming from Italy, these mother fuckers play a quite energetic and obscene black/thrash metal, very influenced by punkish rhythms and alcoholic guitar riffs. If you ask me, I also found some traces of Motörhead in the painful vibes. All tracks have this stinky atmosphere which is completed by an organic production, and seems like the band is very familiar with old school sounds.  Also, sometimes the band steps into hard corished lands, like in track “Blood Boiler”, which really makes you shake your skull like crazy. If you ask me, some titles made me laugh unwittingly, like “Pedo Priest” (which means Fart Priest or Drunk Priest in Spanish), or “Goat n’ Roll”. Of course, there is a heavy weight of drunken elements all over here and the band knows how to manage them very well. It’s a recommended album for worshippers of fast, ugly, punkish and chaotic black/thrash metal. – Victor Varas

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