TURBOCHARGED Area 666 Review

Turbocharged cover art


Chaos Records

Shit!! What a piece of rusted metal I have here! This is a complete insane album forged in pure violence and punkish vibes. The fact is that Ronnie “Ripper” Olson (former of  Vomitory, ex Gehennah) is quite familiarized with deadly forms of metal music and created this corrosive hybrid of death/thrash metal. All tracks are dirty, violent and based in dark atmospheres, but the main characteristic is the influence of old Motörhead, and the crudest side of NWOBHM sound, if you know what I mean.

Also, the music delivers a great rancid and stinky tone, totally made in Swedish. It seems like they don’t give a shit about acrobatic guitar solos, and the album it’s almost lack of them. Certainly, none of tracks need them, but when they are included, sound awesome. This is not melodic stuff, this is not music for nice people, this is pure fucking holocaustic power, and is full of furious barking and tremendous guitar riffs. Its recommended for authentic motherfuckers sons of Satan. – Victor Varas



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