Aurora Borealis reveals new cover art and video

Aurora Borealis World Shapers cover art

This will mark Aurora Borealis 7th cd. Spanning 17 years and still going strong. It was recorded at Nightsky Studios and produced mixed and mastered by Ron Vento.  The lineup is Ron Vento Guitars Vocals and programming, Mark Green on Drums and Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert on bass. We are expecting a late an early 2014 release. The entire discography is still available for free download at for a limited time.

The new album “World Shapers” is basically an offshoot from the other cd “Timeline”. There is a line on “Timeline” in the song “Tearing Holes in the Fabric of Time” that talks about the human race sending encoded dna/human genome Micro organisms in a message that they send while using plank energy to tear open the fabric of time itself into other dimensions, billlions of times. They do this because our universe is dying along with everything in it. The line even says that this is a different story (thus not part of Timeline but to be address later). This story is about the reception of that message by a different species / race in another dimension. It was planned to do this story long ago when writing the “Timeline” cd. While “Timeline” was more what i believe to be truth about the Universe, it’s birth and demise and everything in between, this new cd is purely Science Fiction but still touches on some very real topics. To sum it all up Our last messages were received and we were then reconstructed using our own notes and dna, as well as the human connectome project on a planet terraformed specifically for humans to live on. The new race removes some of us for experimentation as well. They monitor our progress over thousands of years, and decide along the way we are not worthy to really live. We as a species should not be allowed to exist anywhere in the universe due to our ways. We also confuse these creators as our gods along the way. Eventually they decide to eliminate us, but not with traditional war methods, they are ancient beings they do not have WAR like we do so they use other methods. The irony is they are no better than us and they are also being watched and will also will be judged. The story sounds rather simple but lyrically it gets pretty in depth. i think these are my best lyrics to date and you may have to read them multiple times to grasp what i am trying to get across. As usual i add some many subtle subliminal messages hidden within so even though it is science fiction there things to be learned.

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