DARK DESIGN Prey for the Future Review

DarkDesign cover front

DARK DESIGN “Prey for the Future”

Heaven and Hell Records

Excellent! I mean, from time to time appears a band like this in the underground scene, and it’s a pleasure to hear the whole album over and over again. They have the spirit of heavy metal with a particular perspective of progressive stuff, because the music sounds fresh and dynamic, and if you ask me, all songs are composed using a good taste of 80’s American influences like Metal Church, Queensrÿche, Riot, Anthrax, as well as Heaven’s Gate, DIO, etc. Yep, they just need a couple of good guitar riffs, twisted structures and an excellent vocal line to deliver atomic tracks.

Actually, Andrew Bertrand has developed a style very similar to Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost, but he knows how to adapt this special color of voice into music. Also, they know how to make epic sections and solid approaches to dark atmospheres, like in “Welcome to You’re doom” which is an anthology of mid-pace metal song, based in solid guitar riffs and pure 90’s feeling. The band has many musical resources, and they know how to take advantage from each one. Highlights for Matt Mercer and his excellent work in bass!! All songs captured different moments of matured composition, and seems like the band wants to find an own sound and personality. My favorite track is “Meditations” which is a great piece of heavy metal in pure essence of the genre. No doubt this album sounds as if 90’s would been freeze in a time capsule called solid heavy metal coin. Again I say, this is another of my discoveries of the year. PS. I hate song “Dust in the Wind” and this band dares to record a “metal” version. Holy shit… – Victor Varas



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