DEATH DEALER War Master Review

Death Dealer War master cover front


Steel Cartel Records

I don’t know if we can name this band as “superband” but, the music truly made me hard since the first track. Well, you can’t deny they have huge experience in heavy metal business if we see the bands where these guys have been involved, like Manowar, Cage, Ozzy Osbourne, Lizzy Borden, etc. And believe me: behind this incredible cover art, there is an excellent power metal band forged in the true essence of the genre.

Everything goes around music extremely well produced and the high pitched vocals done by Mr. Sean Peck, who is a very well known screamer-son-of-R. Halford-front man in the band Cage. If you ask me, he just has one of the most powerful throats in these days, and he doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate it. All tracks are very well tied and sound melodic and with class at the same time. The band knows what they are doing and made excellent songs for raising our fists in live shows. They go from classic tunes based in epic heavy metal, and also they know how to approach to modern sounds without false pretentions. Ross the Boss is a legend, and his hands made an excellent duo with Stu Marshall, who is one of those super musicians who made curriculum by working with UDO, Rob Rock, Mike Dimeo, Steve Grimmett, etc. All in all, this is a quite balanced power metal album, and it shows different faces of aggression, melody, virtuosity and iron blood. And yes, I pick this one for one of the best power metal album produced this year. – Victor Varas

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