PUTRIFIED Sacrilegious purification Review

putrified sacrilegious purification cover art

PUTRIFIED “Sacrilegious purification”

Hellthrasher Productions

Not bad for a one man band, uh? It seems like this guy knows exactly what he wants and he has matured the sound of his dead entity since last album. Coming from Stockholm, Sweden, Mr. A.Death likes the stench of decomposed flesh and rotten bones, but he also added a funeral atmosphere by giving some touches of macabre keyboards at intros, and on specific moments of the EP.

Also, he knows how to deliver great tracks forged in the most punkish, morbid and corrosive side of death metal genre and the perfect example is “Sacrificial Death Salvation” which mixes cool guitar riffs, atomic drum rhythms and a dark miasma covering everything. Vocals are all in pain and despair, and denote inner feelings as well as huge influence coming from Nordic death metal scene in 90’s.  My favorite one is “This Poisoned Chalice” only for its slayerean scream at the beginning of the song. This is a powerful EP forged in black flames and obscured death metal. It’s another recommended vomit from the Hellthrasher Prods. – Victor Varas



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