Corrupt Leaders cover art


Self Released

This is their debut EP and the band sounds solid, matured and with attitude. And I don’t want to say word “attitude” for trendy comment. They really transmit a punkish/rabid feeling through every track, as all guitar riffs and musical structures are cathartic and kind of corrosive to the bone. Also, vocals sound a little bit blackened and shows a mind corrupted responsible, if you know what I mean.

This is the kind of bands that really hit live stage and deliver high octane guitar riffs and apocalyptic lines. Drums are extremely insane and noisy, as the genre called “crust” meant to be, and it fits perfectly with a crude production. Only four tracks and I have headache. The band has many ideas to express and they know how to play powerful, stinky and somehow very well tied. I hope to see the name later in big gigs. It’s cool to meet this stuff from Underground scene of Ontario, Canada. – Victor Varas

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