IRON KINGDOM Gates of Eternity Review

Iron Kingdom cover art

IRON KINGDOM “Gates of Eternity”

Self Released

This is a good album of traditional heavy metal in the vein of old names like Judas Priest, Crimson Glory, Armored Saint, etc. Of course, these young musicians are fans this genre, and the influences are noticeable mainly from early 80’s, and some sprinkles of NWOBHM’s sound. If you ask me, these Canadians made a promising album forged in the true flame of metal, and you just have to listen to the extremely powerful throat of Chris Osterman who did an excellent work in both, guitars and vocals.

I don’t think this band wants to include external stuff to the music, I mean, they go for the most traditional and melodic side of the genre, and they did it very well. Also, the production sounds real with no makeup, and this gives another extra point to the concept. My favorite is “Crowned in Iron”, which reflects a solid spirit forged in steel and fire, and shows great ideas on guitars department. Maybe they have to work a little bit more in some musical aspects like drum technique, and making more variable the composition, but all in all they present a great album for loyal followers of the genre. We always find high quality in Canadian heavy metal, yes Sir!. – Victor Varas

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