CASKET GRINDER Trip to Oblivion Review

Casket Grinder cover art

CASKET GRINDER “Trip to Oblivion”

Self Released

Aaaargh!! What a piece of destructive death metal forged in Colombia! This trio of motherfuckers really know what is about the most putrid and hellish side of the genre, and produced a great debut EP. From the first track, this piece of devastation crushes your skull with great guitar riffs and tons of rhythm arrangements on drums.

It seems like they are mostly influenced by 90’s American death metal, but they also have stinky aspects which denotes they are looking for personality, and they are doing well. Also, there are some approaches to brutal death metal, and all is driven with good taste and excellent technique at instruments. My favorite one is “Repulsive Rebirth” which is a chaotic song full of solos ala early Morbid Angel, and complex musical structures that enrich with blood and pus. Of course, these guys are fans of the genre for years, and they belong to the new generation that is producing great stuff of death metal. Keep an eye on the name and logo; I’m sure we will have more news of them.– Victor Varas

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