SCARIFICARE Postulado Review

Scarificare cover art



This is a very interesting album coming from Portugal underground scene. If you ask me, the first thing that called my attention is the name of guitar/vocalist Quetzalcoatl, which is a Mexican deity very well known in my place. Anyhow, the music crawls into obscured atmospheres, crude guitar lines and it has specific moments of morbidity.

Also, I have to say that all tracks are tied by depressive and occultism elements which are combined with progressive stuff. I liked the way they perform particular sections like in track “Vitruvius”. On this track they look for truly epic lines forged in the most solid and creepy Nordic black metal. This is the kind of black metal music that is totally audible and all tracks have personality forged in metallic spirit. Maybe you will not find original stuff here, but everything is very well conceived and very well produced by people who have been involved in black metal music for many years, and they’ve got an exquisite taste of the genre.  If you are looking for epic, obscured and distinctive side of European black metal, you should give them a chance. – Victor Varas


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