INCARCERATION Sacrifice Review

Incarceration cover art


Dawnbreed Records/ FDA-Rekotz

It’s incredible how this guy Daniel Duracell has devastated death metal underground scene with only a three tracks official release. This is obscured death metal forged in the most aggressive, rapid and poisonous side of the genre. Yes, only three songs.

All tracks deliver apocalyptic miasmas through killer guitar riffs, rabid vociferations and truly 90’s spirit. Everything is tied by a stench of crude death metal in the vein of old Grave, old Entombed, etc., but this guy have a particular perspective of death metal sound and combines old structures with tons of guitar arrangements. It seems like he moved from Brazil to Germany and there he got the actual lineup. Not bad for the ex Mortificy, who is now looking for an own place in death metal scene in Europe. – Victor Varas

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