NAKKIGA Amerasu Review

Nakkiga cover art again

NAKKIGA “Amerasu”

Darkwoods/ Nigra Mors Records

Not bad for a second full length album of this dark entity. This band is totally inspired in a Tad Williams’ fantasy series, and delivers great atmospheres forged in epic spirit, aggressive guitar riffs and cold miasmas. I said is a second album, but the band is been active since 1999 and has released various demos and splits with other bands.

Of course, they have big experience in creating the most obscured and depressive side of the genre and everything is tied by a cold aura which is completed by grey tunes, folk elements and agonic vocals. Definitely, this is not a black metal album that will change the horizon of the genre; actually there are some similar lines in last track “Amarasu” with Dark Throne, and Nordic black metal sound, but I have to admit that the band has clear what they want and they have strong personality, and that’s a great point. As extra info, guitarist is also editor from Arghura fanzine. – Victor Varas

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