CVINGER Monastery of Fallen Review

CVINGER cover art

CVINGER “Monastery of Fallen”

Self Released

It’s another blasphemer, misanthropic and chaotic piece of black metal devastation coming from Slovenian underground scene. The entire atmosphere is cold, grey and chaotic so you might already know what we are talking about. Actually, the band features the ex-drummer from Bleeding Fist, another war machine forged in violent and corrosive black metal.

This EP is a total music devastation forged in the most violent black metal, and it also belongs to those chaotic bands where you have to hear the material two or three times before you get the twisted structures. The band have some brilliant moments of epic stuff and you notice the influence of Nordic sound, but also from ancient underground scene from Greece. There are many bands coming from West Europe nowadays, and we need to discover the line they are into, before they turn into copycats of classic names. Yep, it’s another great black metal attack crude and violent, but hardly original stuff, sorry. – Victor Varas

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