DEKAPITED Contra Iglesia y Estado Review

Dekapited cover art

DEKAPITED “Contra iglesia y estado”

American Line Records/Suicide Records

Thanx to Joel from AL Recs I got this piece of destructive thrash metal coming from Chile. They’ve been active since 2008 and this is their first professional EP. All tracks have the metallic spirit of thrash metal American old school that everybody already knows, and although I can’t say this is the most original stuff I’ve heard this year, the band has a particular taste of mixing Latin-American perspective with old stuff coming from Bay Area.

I don’t know if they’ve released more stuff but this is a good beginning though they must create more original stuff and stay far away from the trend. Anyway, it seems like they know about the over pollution in the music genre, and they are looking for new ideas to make better the musical work. Also, I have to say that all tracks have simple and effective guitar lines, and that’s pretty good because sometimes the simplest things in music are the most solid and congruent. The CD includes a rehearsal audio (not bad at all) as bonus tracks. It’s recommended for lovers of Latin-American thrash metal bands looking for a place in the game, and don’t follow trends.– Victor Varas

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