SOL NEGRO Dawn of a New Sun Review

Sol Negro cover art

SOL NEGRO “Dawn of a New Sun”

Chaos Records

I think I heard for first time the work of Jose Luis in Bloodsoaked, somewhere between 1994 and 1995, in an underground gig. I remember that they used to play a very corrosive and dark death metal, but it was almost unintelligible because of lack of good equipment. Time flies and now he is commandant on this beast based in Seattle, with three albums on the back and the obvious stench of death metal rotten which is noticeable since miles away.

On this new album, production is much better and direct than others and it fits perfect to rabid guitar riffs, furious vocals and blackened lines. Actually, all tracks deliver this dark atmosphere with 90’s influences, but I noticed that they know how to manage black melodies with complex structures, on specific moments. Also, all tracks are composed around guitar riffs and vocals, and though they are not looking for complexity, these tracks sound uneasy to digest for most people. We are talking about another great band with Mexican elements that don’t have options and leave the country lack of opportunities. This is a great death metal release on its purest essence, and your ears will bleed after hearing. Ultra recommended! – Victor Varas

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